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The concept of mathematics lab is based in the latest guidelines issued by CBSE. The objective of Math's Lab is to make teaching and learning of Math's a fun. The creation of math's lab in school in an unique idea for teaching math through activities with the help of models, chart etc. the Math lab in the school is well equipped with different kind of materials and teaching learning aids. These equipments are used to create interest and develop a positive attitude towards thus making teaching learning process an enjoyable experience. Concepts are explained through pictures, posters, puzzles, model and geometric instruments created by using inexpensive and easily available materials, student can handle these model in their quest for learning all basic theorems and problems. About 15 to 20% of total time is assigned to perform these activities in the Math's Lab.

Home Science

Women are the home-makers in society. House keeping and cooking are essential to maintain a home. Saai Memorial is a girl's institution and responsibly fulfills the achievement of this feat also. Our aim is to make every student a successful homemaker.

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