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Cultural activities play a major role in our School activities to keep the School atmosphere vibrant all the time. Our students participate in all programmes like dances, fancy shows, group songs, debates, yoga, school band, marshall art etc.

Various summer camps for various classes are often held at the school. The students are provided with breakfast and lunch by the School management with desserts. The whole day away from the parents and in company of teachers make them more responsible, disciplined and independent.

Students are also once in a while taken to excursions within the city as well as outside the city. Various picnics are organized and students taken to excursions fulfilled and educational. Recently students of Saai Memorial Girls School, Sai Bhawan were taken to Shirdi, Mumbai and Goa. The students bade good bye to the school and books for a week in the month of December 2002. the students were very excited for htis much awaited trip to Goa. The whole troop stayed at the beautiful Dalmia Resort, Snuggled between the tranquil river Sal and the turquoise Arabian Sea. the Students wire taken to fam0us beaches of Goa.

A days picnic to Sohna (Haryana) in the month of February was fulfilled. A few game stalls were setup at the venue for the students to bring them in lots of Masti and funky mood. After playing they satiated their grumbling stomach with delicious food and cold-drink.

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